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Zafar & Co.

Rosebud started it's journey with the establishment of Zafar & Co. in 1998. Since then,  the firm has been successfully supplying various items in bulk quantities to Biman Flight Catering Centre (BFCC), which is the only inflight Catering Center in the country serving 8,500 meals per day to all domestic and International Airlines that operate in Bangladesh.
We have been supplying all kinds of food items, including but not limited to, Frozen/Fresh Fish items, Meat(Beef/Chicken/Lamb, Boneless/Bone-in) & Poultry (Hen's fresh egg), Cleaning Items, Fresh Vegetables, Imported Foreign Products, etc. All products are packaged and transported through our own Processing Plant and transportation.

Providing the highest quality products with strictly maintaining HACCP Standards, has enabled us to achieve ISO 22000:2018 Certification in 2019. Under this firm, we have exported various meat item products to UK with our own (ERC) Export License. We plan to export frozen fish items to various countries around the globe in the near future.

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